Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A "Black Night" in Asia

Horror anthology film "Black Night," a Hong Kong/Japan/Thailand co-production, is to be released in Japan and six other Asian territories this summer.

Its three thirty-minute installments are set in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Japan's entry is entitled "Dark Hole," Thailand's "Lost Memory," and Hong Kong's "Rinjin" (Neighbor).

The cast of "Dark Hole" is headed by Kashiwabara Takashi ("Another Heaven") and Seto Asaka ("One Missed Call 2"). Filming began in Tokyo last December, and editing is currently under way.

The producers of "Black Night" are aiming for entry in this year's Cannes Film Market, as well as an eventual U.S. release.

* As seen on Twitch

(sources: Yahoo! Japan & Nikkan Sports)

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