Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why King Kong fell off

Here in Japan, it didn't take long for the big ape to fall from his initial perch a few floors down from the top of the box office. This Mainichi Daily News article translating a story from weekly news magazine Shukan Shincho offered some valid explanations (ignore the last-para error concerning the film's running time).

"It took a long time for the prints to get to Japan and the biggest reason it failed was because of a lack of promotion," movie critic Mutsuo Sato tells Shukan Shincho. "That, and it was a bit grotesque, with scenes featuring humans being devoured by dinosaurs and giant bugs. The scenes between the beauty and Kong are the main part of the movie, but it was sometimes hard to understand what was happening between them. Besides, the most thrilling part of the movie -- the scene where Kong fights the planes from atop the Empire State Building -- was plugged endlessly on TV and left nothing for people to go to the theaters for." (source: MDN)

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