Sunday, February 05, 2006

Japan's Supreme Court makes its own movie

To foster greater understanding of the new criminal trial system to be introduced over the next few years, the Supreme Court of Japan has produced its own 62-minute PR movie called "Hyogi" (Deliberation).

Starring Nakamura Shunsuke ("Rockers"), Kobayashi Nenji ("Twilight Samurai") and Enoki Takaaki ("Adan"), the 70,000,000 yen (roughly US$600,000) film depicts the waverings of a group of "citizen judges" (saiban-in) who must determine the outcome of an attempted murder trial.

"Hyogi" will be made available for screenings and rental from libraries and district courts around Japan from April. (source: Mainichi)

(To find out more about Japan's criminal trial system, see this Japan Times editorial and the Supreme Court of Japan homepage.)

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