Sunday, November 19, 2006

Miike goes west, and maybe bonkers too

Production was announced today on Miike Takashi's latest, "Sukiyaki Uestan: Jango" (Sukiyaki Western: Jango) at the film's set in Tsuruoka, Yamagata. As the title suggests, it's a western, but naturally that's only the tip of the weirdberg: it's about the feuding Minamoto and Taira clans (who engaged in the Genpei Wars during the 1100s), will be shot entirely in English, and features an appearance by Quentin f%&king Tarantino.

The film stars Ito Hideaki (31), Sato Koichi, Kimura Yoshino, Momoi Kaori, Iseya Yusuke and Ando Masanobu, who all underwent two months of intensive language training to help them come to grips with their English dialogue. "We're going to try something we wouldn't normally do", said the quite possibly batshit director. "Real actors are generally hardcore masochists, and the tougher it gets the harder they work to battle through".

The only other morsel of available info is that Enka legend Kitajima Saburo is to sing the theme tune. Sabu-chan! More insanity as it comes to hand. (source: Nikkan Sports)

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