Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pacchigi 2: Chimachogori Boogaloo

It's not exactly a movie that was crying out for a sequel, but when did that ever stop anyone? "Pacchigi!" (We Shall Overcome Someday), Izutsu Kazuyuki's award-winning youth drama about love between a Japanese boy and an ethnic Korean (zainichi) girl that launched the acting career of current it-girl Sawajiri Erika (20), is headbutting its way into a second film with an all new cast.

Director Izutsu returns, but the roles of the zainichi brother and sister played by Sawajiri and Takaoka Sosuke (reportedly Miyazaki Aoi's real-life boyfriend) will be taken over by newcomers Nakamura Yuri (24) and Isaka Shunya (27). The film's era and setting have also been updated.

"We Shall Overcome Someday" was a big success for Izutsu, both critically and at the domestic box office. It also played several overseas festivals, including the NYAFF 2006, and was subtitled by a certain fellow Japanese film blogger. "Pacchigi! Part 2" (tentative title) is scheduled to open in May next year. (source: Nikkan Sports)


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