Friday, November 10, 2006

Tanaka Rena takes the lead

Shochiku's series of heartstring-yanking canine pictures continues with "Inu to Watashi no Ju no Yakusoku" (literally something like "Ten Promises Between Me and My Dog"), starring Tanaka Rena (26) and directed by studio stalwart Motoki Katsuhide.

Its original screenplay was inspired by "The Ten Commandments of Dog Ownership", a popular list of precepts for pet ownership by an anonymous author written from the perspective of a dog addressing its master.

A golden retriever is adopted by the family of 6th grade elementary student Akari, and is named "Socks" for the white pattern on its right legs. The two become inseparable, and Socks helps Akari recover from the sudden death of her mother. However, when Akari enters university and immerses herself in a hedonistic lifestyle, Socks' presence begins to become an encumberance...

Shochiku will be hoping to emulate the performance of Sai Yoichi's 2004 guide dog tearjerker "Quill", which grossed 2.3 billion yen on its way to achieving pan-Asian box office success, as well as this year's "Helen the Baby Fox" directed by Kono Keitaro which has brought in a respectable 1.8 billion to date.

Motoki has helmed the studio's big hope for next year's Golden Week holidays "Gegege no Kitaro", which also features Tanaka, and previously directed her in the Kudo Kankuro-penned comedy "Drugstore Girl". Further casting for "Inu to Watashi no Ju no Yakusoku" has yet to be announced, although it has just started shooting in Hokkaido, and a release is lined up for spring 2008. (source: Sanspo)

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