Thursday, January 04, 2007

Movie Matome 4/1/07

The film adaptation of Watanabe Junichi's best-selling novel "Penal Colony of Love" (Ai no Rukeichi) starring Toyokawa Etsushi and Terajima Shinobu opens next weekend, and now it's being made into a two-part TV special featuring Kishitani Goro and Takaoka Saki. Both versions will basically follow Watanabe's torrid story of an affair between a writer and a married woman, and the film unfolds in a series of flashbacks after its murderous opening scene. Look like this one will be closer in spirit to Morita Yoshimitsu's "Shitsurakuen" than the usual chaste junai fare. (source: Nikkan Sports)

Actress Amami Yuki (the female lead in Harada Masato's "Inugami") and singer/actor Kikkawa Koji ("City of Lost Souls", "The Guys from Paradise") have ended their three-year relationship. The official reason given is Amami's busy schedule, which is mostly full of television drama work after a string of ratings successes over the last couple of years. (source: Nikkan Sports)

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