Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Dororo" trilogy gets the green light

I must say I had my doubts as to whether "Dororo" would overcome its shortcomings and justify the sequel alluded to at the end of the movie, but four straight weeks at the top of the box office, an audience of two million and 2.5 billion yen in box office revenue have shown once again that marketing muscle and star power can cancel out a film's limitations. Today came the announcement that there will be not one but two sequels, filmed consecutively a la "Lord of the Rings" et al. Shooting will begin sometime next year with a 2009 release in mind.

Producer Hirano Takashi says the plot for Dororo 2 and 3 has already been laid out, with the first sequel focusing on the secrets of the Dororo character played by Shibasaki Ko and taking place at sea. He also stated that the combined budget for the two sequels is 6 billion yen, and that the production team are looking to shoot on an island somewhere in the Pacific. (sources: Sanspo, Sports Hochi)

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