Friday, July 25, 2008

Ayase Haruka = breasts

Ayase Haruka has largely got where she is today through restrained usage of her substantial bust, and South Korean director Kwak Jae-Young took this to hilarious extremes earlier this year when he made her bosom the integral theme of his mildly creepy but not altogether irredeemable "Cyborg She", so now she's taken the next logical career step by playing the lead in "Oppai Bare", which I am delighted to translate faithfully as "Tits Volleyball".

Gee willikers, that's just a provocative title designed to conceal another wholesome played-out teen music/sports storyline, I hear you say. After all, the Kaho choir comedy "Utatama" used to be called "Atashi ga Sanran suru Hi - Salmon Girl" (the day I spawned). And of course you're right, voice in my head. Don't be sucked in by co-distributor Toei's press release that kicks off with the line: "Win this game, and teacher will flash her boobs!"

Ayase plays a teacher named Mikako who has lost confidence in the meaning of her work but gets her groove back through growing together with her studentzzz. Aoki Munetaka plays her colleague and confidante Kenji, while Nakamura Toru is a former volleyball player who coaches the school's useless team. Former national womens rep and comedy connoisseur Obayashi Motoko has been brought in to whip the actors into shape. The source material is a novel by scriptwriter and TV writer Mizuno Munenori, "The Silver Season" and "Umizaru" series director Hazumi Eiichiro directs, and the screenplay is by... someone who gives a shit. Shooting began yesterday and it's set for release next February.


  1. I'm sold. And I still want to see Utatama. Kaho really does look like a salmon, and not just while singing

  2. For Haruka Ayase alone, I'll catch it. And Eiichiro's Season of Snow was actually fairly passable, though I never saw his mega-successful Umizaru movies

  3. [...] a ton of new posts at Ryuganji, but this one caught my eye the most: Personal recent favorite Haruka Ayase will be starring in a film called Oppai Bare, and I’ll let you read for yourself what that translates to. Ayase only really caught my eye [...]

  4. Haruka Ayase is my favorite Japanese actress, pretty, talented and I loved watching her in“Crying Out love, In the Center of the World”. She apparently makes a mean okonomiyaki too!

  5. Hey Gerry,

    I haven't seen a strong performance from her yet apart from "Cyborg She", where she was quite convincing as a busty robot.