Friday, July 25, 2008

Hiroki Ryuichi's "Your Friend"

Hiroki Ryuichi's "Your Friend" (Kimi no Tomodachi) finally opens in Japan this weekend after screening earlier this year at the Hong Kong and Udine film fests, and Mark Schilling attentively tells you everything you need to know about it here. There's a postage stamp-sized trailer on the film's homepage, but you're probably better off with the YouTube one below.

Although recent Horipro find Ishibashi Anna is getting the most attention for her first lead role, for me the real draw is Yoshitaka Yuriko, who displayed her usual talent for scene-stealing in Miki Satoshi's "Adrift in Tokyo" as spacey teenager Fufumi. So far she's performed a succession of supporting turns stretching back to her debut in 2006's "Noriko's Dinner Table", not counting an installment of the omnibus film "Yubae Shojo" based on the works of Kawabata Yasunari, but September presents her biggest chance so far for cracking the big time with the release of R-15-rated "Snakes and Earrings" (Hebi ni Piasu) in which she plays the central character of split-tongue revering body-mod novice Rui. I get the feeling it won't be the vehicle that elevates her to Miyazaki Aoi or Aoi Yu-like status, but she definitely has the potential.

Update: Mr. Schilling gives "Your Friend" a glowing review and an atypically high rating in his weekly Japan Times spot.
[youtube width="425" height="335"][/youtube]


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