Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Taguchi Tomorowo to direct his second Miura Jun flick

Stylejam announced their adaptation of subculture maven Miura Jun's semi-autobiographical novel "Shikisoku Zenereishon" a while back on their in-house blog, but today Variety Japan have revealed that rocking character actor Taguchi Tomorowo, a former bandmate of Miura's, will be donning his director hat once more following his 2003 debut "Iden & Tity" (which was also based on Miura's work).

Miura's mate and fellow writer Lily Franky will be taking on another dramatic role after essentially playing himself in one of this year's best films "All Around Us" (Gururi no Koto), while the only other cast member to be announced so far is former teen idol Hori Chiemi. "Linda Linda Linda" scribe Mukai Kosuke provides the screenplay.

Set in the 1970s, the story revolves around a Bob Dylan-worshipping virgin in his first year at a buddhist high school who lives a pampered life with his caring parents (played by Hori and Franky) but struggles to cope with his teenage neuroses. One summer he heads off with his friends to Shimane's Okinoshima, rumoured to be an "island of free sex"...

Incidentally, the title is a play on the buddhist parable shikisokuzeku which means "every form in reality is empty, and emptiness is the true form", and might be translated as "Vain Generation". Filming begins today in Kyoto, and a release is set for summer next year.

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