Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kore-eda's dugong-inspired musical documentary

Singer-songwriter Cocco has been a reliable source of theme songs for numerous movies including Anno Hideaki's "Shiki-Jitsu", Kurosawa Kiyoshi's "Kairo" (Pulse), Tsukamoto Shinya's "Vital" and Yukisada Isao's "Toku no Sora ni Kieta" (Into the Faraway Sky). Now she's getting a film of her own, directed by no less than Kore-eda Hirokazu who has returned to his documentary roots to make "Daijobu de aru yo ni - Cocco: Owaranai Tabi".

The project came about through the Okinawan leg of the worldwide "Live Earth" concert project in July of last year, where Kore-eda became inspired by Cocco's performance of her song "Jugon no Mieru Oka" about two dugong that appeared in the waters off the site of a planned U.S. naval base. Here's a clip of that performance from YouTube:

Kore-eda subsequently linked up with Cocco from last November in Nagoya for the start of her "Kira Kira Live Tour," which celebrated the passage of 10 years since her debut. The documentary also closely follows her life on her home ground of Okinawa, and delves into her concern for environmental issues.

Klockworx will be giving the doco a roadshow release, beginning with Cinema Rise in Shibuya this December. (source: Variety Japan)


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