Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kisarazu Cat's Eye: The final chapter

The concluding entry in the "Kisarazu Cat's Eye" series is set to open this autumn.

"Kisarazu Kyattsu Ai: Warudo Shirizu" (Kisarazu Cat's Eye: World Series) will reunite the original team of director Kaneko Fumiki, screenwriter Kudo Kankuro, and cast members Okada Junichi, Sakurai Sho, Okada Yoshinori, Sato Ryuta and Tsukamoto Takashi.

Kisarazu Cat's Eye is a comedy-drama focusing on the escapades of five baseball-mad friends living in the suburban city of Kisarazu, Chiba. The phenomenon began with a high-rating 2002 TBS television series, which subsequently evolved into 2003 movie "Kisarazu Kyattsu Ai: Nihon Shirizu" (Kisarazu Cat's Eye: Japan Series) that racked up 1.5 billion yen (roughly US$12.5 million) at the box office and was seen by 1.2 million filmgoers. The sequel picks up three years after the death from terminal illness of lead character Bussan (Okada), and will supposedly be the final instalment in the series.

Production of the latest instalment was partly brought about by the eager prompting of Kisarazu mayor Mizukoshi Isao, who sees it as a way of invigorating local tourism and industry as well as stemming the steady leak of its populace to nearby Tokyo. The city government has given the film's producers full backing, allowing the blocking of major roads for shooting and even sending city employees to help shovel snow on their days off. (source: Sanspo)

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