Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kitano to return to yakuza films?

A quick bit of Beat gossip from Cyzo:

Kitano 'Beat' Takeshi's 15th feature film looks set to go before the cameras in August.

"It hasn't been officially announced yet, but it's unmistakably going to be about modern yakuza society. Also, in line with the wishes of investors, the cast will not feature actors from Kitano's regular stable, but has Shiina Kippei as well as Kitano himself in the leading roles, with Miura Tomokazu and Kase Ryo in support." (according to a film industry insider)

We also understand that it will be shot on location in Kobe, the home ground of the Yamaguchi-gumi.

"It seems Kitano was a bit spooked when he first learned he'd be filming in Kobe, but then he heard from local film people that the gang had shifted their base to Nagoya, and also found out that only recently lawyers had held anti-mob demos around the gang's offices, so he was relieved to hear that their influence in Kobe was diminishing." (according to a TV producer close to Kitano)


  1. That's very cool to know that Beat Takashi is returning to the yakuza genre,which is where his best films are from(despite my disappointment in his U.S.-filmed BROTHER).

  2. [...] Ryuganji is reporting that Japanese director Kitano ‘Beat’ Takeshi will start shooting and starring in a new film this August which will focus on modern yakuza society. [...]

  3. Hi Steven,

    Actually, my favourite Kitano film is probably "Kids Return", mainly because he doesn't act in it (I don't rate him much as an actor) but also because it doesn't revolve around yakuza life. If he is returning to that genre, I hope he has something new to say.