Friday, June 04, 2010

Soda Kazuhiro on "The Cove"

"Campaign" and "Mental" documentary director Soda Kazuhiro weighs in on the cancellation of the Japanese release of "The Cove" at main venue Theater N in Shibuya due to a sustained phone call campaign by right-wing citizens groups:
They say it's to avoid "inconveniencing their neighbors," but the ones causing the inconvenience are the right-wingers, not the cinema. Why is a cinema so worried about something like that? More than that, a cinema yielding [to such pressure] is a huge inconvenience for discourse and expression in Japanese society.

But you know, in a way it's impressive that [those groups] are pouring so much energy into picking a fight over a film they haven't even seen. I couldn't do something like that - it's too scary (ha ha!). I suppose they decided for themselves that "The Cove" is 'anti-Japanese' based on all the media reports on it, but where did all that trust in the media come from?
Soda has actually been very critical of the film's biased approach, both on his Twitter page and on his blog. See Jason Gray's writeup for details on the cancellation and the campaign against "The Cove."

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